TeeThere - FAQ



Please READ! IMPORTANT note about TeeThere: This website was designed to give the “gift of golf” either as a golf trip (GolfThere) or a tee time (greens fee) right here on TeeThere. It is NOT a discounted tee-time booking service for greens fees, and was NOT designed to compete with tee time booking services that you may have seen on the Golf Channel or during PGA Tour events on TV.

TeeThere is a GIFT CARD program for tee times that are at a normal non-discounted rate. To maximize the value of TeeThere, you should book tee times that are always at a regular rate i.e. Week-ends! If you received a TeeThere "gift" from a friend or family member of a TeeThere gift card, you will be paying the normal "rack” rate but enjoy a "discount" for the amount of the gift card given to you.

DISCOUNTS are available on TeeThere gift cards through incentives or promotional programs and seasonally with a VERY FEW TIGHTLY CONTROLLED retail programs at Costco, Sam’s Club, etc. (Members receive discounted pricing from the face value of the gift card). Thus, a golfer gets a discount on the gift card and NOT the greens fee.

  1. How does the TeeThere gift card work?  Answer:  TeeThere is a gift-centric tee time service for use by TeeThere gift card customers.  TeeThere gift cards are NEVER accepted at the golf course.  TeeThere customers book their tee times on www.teethere.com and use the gift card code on the rear of the card as payment for their rounds.
  2. Where can I use the TeeThere gift card?  Answer:  Users can secure tee times at nearly 4000 golf courses world-wide, but primarily in the USA—in many cases up to a year in advance.Remember, golf courses must be in our network but courses are added/deleted from time to time.
  3. When can I book my tee time?  Answer: You must book at least 6 days in advance and you can only request tee times within a band of two hours - specific tee times can be requested but are not guaranteed. Using TeeThere does require some planning. Not all tee times at a golf course can be booked using a TeeThere gift card. Premium Saturday and Sunday tee times may be reserved for the course's control. Remember TeeThere is a gift card for use on our website. We endeavor to have as many tee times as possible but on some week-ends, particularly the upcoming week-end, availability may be limited at your particular course to late morning or even afternoon tee times.
  4. Are there any extra fees like some websites have ($1.80/person)?  Answer:  No.  However, once a tee time is booked, it is non-refundable (rain checks are issued by the course) unless, your tee time booking is not able to be reserved due to a last minute booking prior to our system getting confirmation (24 hours or 1 business day). In that case, your gift card is re-loaded with the amount charged.
  5. Can I book a single player?  Answer:  Yes and No. If the COURSE will allow a single, we will book it. In many resort destinations this is perfectly acceptable; however many local play courses do not allow single tee times. If you book a single tee time, you may get a “not available” message returned to you. If you want to play that course, we recommend you recruit a second player. Users have the advantage of receiving preferred tee times when times are booked far enough in advance. Discounted rates, local rates, and negotiating directly with the course have NO bearing on TeeThere’s rates.
  6. Why can't I book a single player at ALL COURSES or what if I cannot find a second player? Answer: Singles cannot book ADVANCE tee times at most courses - this is an industry practice NOT a TeeThere issue. Singles typically are only allowed to be "worked in" by the pro with threesomes or twosomes.  Therefore, we suggest you find a second golfer if you intend to use the gift card. Some gift cardholders pay for 2 golfers and get cash from their friend to pay for their round or if the discount was sufficient or a “gift” with no cost from a relative, they determine to play for the “double” cost.
  7. What if my gift card will not process on the website?  Answer:  Your card may have been compromised and we have no way of verifying ownership of the gift card. If you received it as a gift, ask the gifter to verify that the card was not used.  CAUTION:  The gift card code on the back of many gift cards can be scratched off or you may have a card where it is visible.  This is the only way to validate a card. PROTECT the number from being copied, compromised or stolen by others.
  8. What is the value of my gift card?  Answer:  You can email TeeThere (see About Us) and get your balance within 24 hours or 1 business day.  TeeThere does not currently have an online amount verification system but is endeavoring to have one operational in the very near future.